+ JANUARY 23-25: curatorial residency, associate artists, Base Milano (IT).

+ JANUARY/FEBRUARY 30-3: Missing Outs, research residency at Base, Milano (IT)

+ FEBRUARY/MARCH 8-24 : Ti voglio un bene pubblico, residency and performance, Ecomuseo Mare Memoria Viva, Palermo (IT).

+ MARCH 11: Love-Matter, Gdanski Festiwal Tanca, Gdask (PL).

+ MARCH 25: Love-Matter, Centrum Kultury Lublin (PL).

+ APRIL 12-15: Plutone Esploso, workshops and All-in performance, Supernova Festival, Rimini (IT).

+ APRIL 17-20: Special Handling, residency and workshop, Ora, Sondrio (IT).

+ APRIL 24-26: collaboration as choreographer for the new video production of Gianluca Abbate (IT).

+ MAY 2-6: research residency, Ovestlab, Modena (IT).

+ MAY 11-19: Special Handling, residency and workshop, Ora, Sondrio (IT).

+ MAY/JUNE 30-02: On Mobilisation EU project- kick off meeting- Gotland (SE).

+ JUNE 3-11: Missing Outs, creation residency, Base, Milano (IT).

+ JUNE 12-18: research residency, Ovestlab, Modena (IT).

+ JUNE 23-25: Special Handling, performance, Ora, Sondrio (IT).

+ JUNE/JULY 26-15: Ti voglio un bene pubblico, creation residency, Raaa festival, Brescia (IT).

+ JULY 17-23: Missing Outs, creation residency, Base, Milano (IT).

+ AUGUST 4-6: Il Secondo Paradosso di Zenone, Passage Insolites, Quebec (Canada).

+ AUGUST 25-27: Il Secondo Paradosso di Zenone, Hangarfest, Pesaro (IT).

+ SEPTEMBER 8-10: Ti voglio un bene pubblico, Raaa Festival, Brescia (IT).

+ SEPTEMBER 11-17: research residency, Ovestlab, Modena (IT).

+ OCTOBER 8: Clessidre Ribaltate: un talismano per abitare il tempo. Co-curatorship of an event with Farout Festival together with Corps Citoyen and Mombao.

+ OCTOBER 15: And the colored girls say: doo da doo da doo da doo, Farout Festival, Base, Milano (IT).

+ OCTOBER 16-19: On Mobilisation- Eu project, WPZimmer, Antwerp.

+ OCTOBER 27-29: new creation premier, Periferico Festival, Modena (IT).

+  NOVEMBER 2-5: co-curatorship of Evening School on Care, with On Mobilization european project, in collaboration with Lavanderia a Vapore.

+ NOVEMBER 4: Missing Outs, premier, Danae Festival, Milano (IT).

+ NOVEMBER 12: Il secondo paradosso di Zenone, Racconti di altre danze, Livorno (IT)

+ NOVEMBER 23: Plutone , EVPA Impact Week 2023, OGR Torino.