PLUTONE (2016)

In an increasingly complex system, I risk to get lost. I need a suspension into myself. I really need to just perceive myself in relation with what is happening. I need to take my time. To observe, just observe and not to do. To notice small and subtle things into high-definition phenomena. To not necessarily understand. To await. To give up. To not to do. And if I see something, I’ll stare at it and keep on staring and keep on staring, letting something happen.

PLUTONE comes after the experience of vipassana meditation as an opportunity to reflect on the relationship with the world, made of delicate balances between the inner self and the outside. It is a contempltive landscape made up of interactions between centers that do not stop to search for cooperation. A continuous series of concentric developments punctuated by actual and potential meetingsPLUTONE is the last of the solar system planets. Astrologically speaking, it governs the invisible but powerful, influencing reality with subtle and latent energies, which are implemented with a very long course. His kingdom is made of individuality and community. PLUTONE is personal intention that is pure will and that can be used both as a force of individual transformation and as a generational regenerator model. Pluto asks the ego to empty itself of all needs to appear, of all the paranoia of power and of all false structures.

WITH Alessandra Bordino, Olimpia Fortuni, Masako Matsushita, Marta Ciappina. // MUSIC: Aftab Darvishi // LIGHT DESIGN: Violeta Arista // COSTUMES: Lucia Gallone // PRODUCTION: Fondazione Teatro Grande di Brescia // SUPPORTED BY: Industria Scenica- Residenza Rifugio Everest, Santarcangelo Festival, Manifattura K, Associazione Valdapozzo, PimOff

The cover picture is from a work of the artist Jim Denevan, kindly granted from him.

"PLUTONE by Elisabetta Consonni, a lunar dance [...] that captures eyes, mind and heart, cradling and leaving thoughts and reflections "(Corriere della Sera)

Performed at Teatro Grande di Brescia, Cango, Fog Festival, Did Studio (IT) and Międzynarodowe Spotkania Teatrów Tańca (PL).