Freely inspired by the mathematical paradox of Achilles and the tortoise, is a slow walk of an astronaut in an urban space. The performance is a celebration of slowing down, of waiting; a form of resistance against the rhythms of a system that always wants more and faster. It is a way of taking time to think and imagine new perspectives to prepare a future which we never imagined before. It is a practice of awareness that, even slow, a movement can lead to something, with no urgency, without projection towards the end, without the obsession of doing by all means. The performance is an action of great will, for a considerable period of time, where the astronaut resigns himself to the difficulties of slowness, resisting any stimulus of sudden action. In this state, the astronaut engages in everyday actions of the place she explores: having a coffee at the bar, buying a sandwich, taking a bus, diving into real life of a small bit of the city. She has the occasion of interacts with those she meets doing this exploration and keeping her slowness. This hypnotic and surreal appearance in the urban context captures the attention of an occasional audience and becomes an invitation to stop and tallk. The project has been realized in different formats: as a solo walking to invite inhabitants of a neighbourhood to a round table around a topic, as a slow motion parade of a group of astronauts, as a workshop for training the slowness.

2013. from Quarto Oggiaro to Museo della Triennale Milano. 6,7km. 10 hours. 

2016, Quartiere Solari-Savona-Tortona. A long term project of 8 months, curated by Connecting Cultures in collaboration with the class of Anthropology of University of Bicocca in Milan. The aim the of the project was to involve the community in a critical understanding of the implementation of a slow mobility model of the circulation. After an ethnographic research on the neighbourhood, weeks of activities with some senior ladies and some workshops for training slowness, we could build with the community a slow motion parade for many astronauts on the cycle pathnewly built with some critical aspects.

2019: Strano Film Festiva, Capestrano Italy. The Others Art Fair, Torino, Italy. Mastronauta Festival, Omegna, Italy.