IL SECONDO PARADOSSO DI ZENONE is a slow motion parade made from a group of astronauts, slow motion walker by definition. The performance’s aims to take time to stay in places, in order to observe them and experience very little details. It is a way of reconsider the journey more than the goal and to celebrate slowness.

1st event: May 2013. From Quarto Oggiaro to Museo della Triennale Milano. 6,7km. 10 hours. In collaboration with Connecting Cultures.

2nd event: May 2016, Quartiere Solari-Savona-Tortona. The project was realized thanks to the collaboration of some students of Anthropology of  Bicocca University and many actors of the neighbourhood in a process that last 8 months, in order to involve the inhabitants around a urban project of slow mobility . Curated by Connecting Cultures. All the thoughts about the process