It's a concert of voices who don't have voice,of second voices, extras and backgrounds. It's a show without the star. An image without the focused object. It is white around written words. It is all that lies beyond a margin line and which is not allowed to enter the bright area of ​​the limelight. 

You need a special attention and intention to distinguish the choirs of the background singers of a song as well as to notice the backgrounds and everything that is around an object placed in the center. It is essential to activate what the architect Juani Pallasmaa calls peripheral vision, as opposed to the hegemonic focused view that attributes importance and power only to the center. It is this 'peripheral vision' that makes us notice who is at the edge, who can not cross an imposed boundary, those who wait in the limit of small movements and rhythms and are still able to play with those limits. It is in that margin that perseveres what the philosopher Zaoui calls 'discretion' or 'the art of disappearing', a necessary form of resistance in a society that thrives on spectacularity. It is the need for a " not hiding anything until you have nothing more to show, until you make your presence imperceptible. It is an art of subtraction not to deny but to affirm oneself ". And the colored girls say: doo da doo da doo da doo  is a declaration of love towards all this. It is a eulogy of the margin.

WITH Daniele Pennati, Masako Matsushita, Elisabetta Consonni // CHOREOGRAPHIC ASSISTANT: Francesco Dalmasso. // LIGHTS: Irene Innocenti. // RYTHM: Fabrizio Saiu. // COSTUMES: Indetail (Lucia Sandrini). //VOCAL: Maria Beatrice Senigaglia //PRODUCTION: Teatro Grande di Brescia, Aiep-Ariella Vidach. Col sostegno di Ilinx.

VIDEO: Maria Giovanna Cicciari

Finalist project of DNA-appunti coreografici 2016 and Cross Award 2017.