Abbastanza spazio per la più tenera delle attenzioni is a project for the Biennale Danza of Venice, made together with Cristina Pancini (artist), Adriano Cancellieri (urban sociologist), Andrea Montesi (architect) and myself.

We started with the idea of a different way of space’s re-appropriation. Despite the one which goes through a political- economical dictat and a categoric architectonic construction, we considered, on the contrary, sensoriality as a channel to get in a intimate sense of belonging to space. Space that doesn’t need to be possessed, but treated with the ‘tenderest care’ of a special inhabitation.

We worked for ten days in Venice with a group of different people from different ages and background, using tools from the four different disciplines which we came from and therefore rising  thoughts around some issues regarding the city of Venice and its problems. We made intense excursions in the city, we’ve been observing a lot, we put everything on a very special diary, we built special devices for fluid walks in venice, we explored spaces in between trying to re-signify the hidden.

Here all the material  relating with the project