+JANUARY TILL SEPTEMEBR: Special Handling, partecipative project within Le Alleanze dei corpi- a contatto 2021, Milano.

+FEBRUARY 8-14: Ricerca X-residency Base, Milano.

+FEBRUARY 19: Playground Talk #4_ Ti voglio un bene pubblico_Scomposizioni coreografiche della percezione giuridica dello spazio in Base Pubblic Program, online.

+MARCH- APRIL: Missing outs_ new production residence at Lavanderia a Vapore, Torino. Winning project of AIR Piamonte dal Vivo.

+MAY 5: Ti voglio un bene pubblico - presentation at PAG webinar program https://www.perginefestival.it/performing-arts-generation-webinar/

+MAY 20-21-22-23: Ti voglio un bene pubblico_ Orlando Festival - Bergamo (IT)

+MAY-JUNE 29 till 6: collaboration with the project DAD by Riccardo Corcione and Tolja Djocovic within the frame of Mediatori del reale by ERT. https://emiliaromagnateatro.com/mediatori-del-reale-dramaturg-fra-teatri-e-citta/

+JUNE 10-24: And the colores girls say: doo da doo da doo da doo_ revisited for Altofest, Napoli (IT).

+JULY 1 to 7: PlutoneEsploso_ participated version with Bart van Den Eynde and Fabrizio Saiu_ Cantieri Culturali Isolotto, Firenze (IT).

+JULY 10:  Special Handling- first presentation in Le Alleanze dei Corpi, giardini Mosso_Parco Trotter, Milano (IT).

+JULY 13-14: Special Handling_ Farout Festival_ Base, Milano (IT).

+JULY 26-30: And the colores girls say: doo da doo da doo da doo_ residency, Milano (IT).

+AUGUST 11-14: participation at focus on 'Human Specific Approach' workshop at Festival Boulvard Den Bosch (NL).

+AUGUST 16-21: tutoring on Call me by Lucia di Pietro

+AUGUST 22: participation at the program GramsciCampoSud, Calasetta (IT).

+SEPTEMBER 10 till15: Ricerca X_ Lavanderia a Vapore_ Torino (IT).

+SEPTEMBER 20 till 23: Il Secondo Paradosso di Zenone_ Peraspera Festival_ Bologna (IT).

+SEPTEMBER 28-29: participation as performer in There is no listening without intervention by Davide Tidoni _Danae Festival, Milano (IT).

+OCTOBER 1-2-3: Special Handling in Le Alleanze dei Copri_symposium_ Base, Milano (IT).

+OCTOBER 19: And the colored girls say:doo da doo da doo da doo_ Danae Festival_ Milano (IT).

+OCTOBER 18 till 31: Ti voglio un bene pubblico_ Periferico Festival_ Modena (IT).

+DECEMBER 1 to 11: Missing Outs_residency_ Lavanderia a Vapore, Torino (IT).