Direction and choreography: Elisabetta Consonni; Costumes: Drera Patrizia;with the special participation fo Raoul de Jong, Gianni Barelli, Ilaria Sgro' and other friends.
Supported by: Dansateliers Rotterdam and Locus010 Rotterdam.

‘Cause you can call yourself authentic when you get as close as you can to the idea that you have of yourself’ (P.A.)
Maquillage investigates the sociological concept of the ‘social construction of the body’. Having a body is not just a merely biological matter but also a social and economic one.
You can create your body as you prefer or according to what others want you to. There’s nothing good or bad in it. It’s just like that for everybody, even for the ones who pretend to be outside of that system.

Performed at Mayday Festival 2007 (Antwerp), Volleman 2007 (Tilburg), Festival Uscite D’Emergenza 2008 (Milan), Muiderpoort Theater 2008 (Amsterdam), Interplay Festival 2009 (Torino), Vetrina G’DA 2009 (Ravenna), 2nd classified and special mention at Martelive Competition 2009, Duncan 3.0 2010 (Rome).